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1040 Industrial Boulevard, Southampton, PA 18966




How long can we keep the dumpster? What if we need to keep it longer than allowed? 


Our dumpster rental is for one week and we are lenient when it comes to this. We understand that some jobs need extra time to complete and we are willing to work with you. We ask if you can keep the rental time to as close to two weeks as possible. If you need if for a greater amount of time, we suggest stock piling your trash until you are ready for the dumpster. Feel free to discuss your situation with us if needed. 


Are there any additional charges that we should know about?


Delivery and pick up are included in our pricing. Additonal charges may happen for the following reasons:


  • The weight exceeds our weight limit allowance. 

  • Tires and any appliance containing freon are in the container. 

  • A trucking charge will be added to all dumpsters that are unable to be serviced due to being overloaded, blocked in, refusal of service, accessibility, size issues, etc. 

  • Extra time spent waiting at a location.

  • If trash or yard waste is added to a concrete/dirt container


Do you automatically pick up the dumpster after 7 days?


No. We will not pick up the dumpster until you call it in to be removed.


How much notice do you need?


We require 1-2 days notice for delivery. Depending on how busy our schedule is and how early in the day you call, we may be able to do same day delivery. When calling in for a dumpster removal, it can take anywhere from 1-3 days for pick up. 


I am worried about damage being done to my driveway. Do you use anything to protect the driveway? 

We put wood down under every residential site to protect the driveway from any damage. 

Please note that we are not responsible for any damage if it occurs. 

Please make us aware of any freshly paved or resurfaced driveways.

We do not deliver on paver driveways. 


How can we prevent water weight?

We recommend using a tarp over your load if you are concered about extra weight from rain or snow. We do not provide these. 


What happens when there is inclement weather? 

Deliveries and pick ups may be moved over to the following day if the roads are bad. All areas must be clear of snow before any delivery or pick up occurs. 


What classifies it as a clean fill dumpster? 


Clean fill dumpsters are strictly for dirt and/or concrete. There cannot be any trash, vegetation or yard debris in the load. If these items are added, the rate of the container changes and a weight limit is added to the can. 


Do I need to be there when the dumpster is dropped off? 


No, you do not need to be at the location for drop off. We can take verbal placement directions from you over the phone. You may also mark off the exact area you want the dumpster by using cones, spray paint or a specific object. 


I want to pay on delivery, is this allowed? 


You may pay by cash or check on delivery. A credit card is required on all dumpster orders, which of course would not be run unless nobody is there with payment at the time of delivery.  You are also more than welcome to drop off payment to the office before the dumpster is delivered. 


I'm having a hard time figuring out what size I need. Can I come and look at your dumpsters?


Absolutely! As long as we have dumpsters in our yard, you are more than welcome to come over and have someone show you the sizes. 

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